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Our Story

Dubai takes on a whole new character when experienced from the water. Abra Tours gives an experience of the city and offers a way to avoid the traffic and congestion of the roads when choosing to reach coastal sights.

Inspired by the Past

The Abra is the traditional watercraft of the UAE and has for centuries transported people along the shoreline of the emirate. Today, this historic watercraft has been reinvented by Abra Tours to offer scenic journeys along the coastline of Dubai.

Inspired by the Present

At Abra Tours, we have reimagined the traditional abra as a luxurious and convenient watercraft that is perfectly suited to the present-day needs of our guests; simple bespoke luxury.

Our Fleet

Our fleet of 10 boats each has a capacity for 15 people each. They are fully shaded and are equipped with WC and changing rooms.

At Abra tours, we take health and safety very seriously. All of our boats are equipped with life jackets, satellite tracking systems, and our abra pilots are certified lifesavers.

Book Your Experience

Speak with an Abra Tours representative to discuss your requirements and arrange your unique boating experience.